John Lips founded his company BELGARDEN on 6 September 1990. On 30 April 1992, the name changed to GARDEN TRADE INTERNATIONAL BVBA.

Edwin Lips, the Managing Director today, joined the company as an employee on 15 August 1995. John’s experience, the success with which father and son worked together and hard work all contributed to healthy growth each year. The product range and customer base also expanded each year. The first 1600 m² warehouse on the current site was built at the end of 1997 and the administration offices were accommodated in containers. In 1998, Edwin took over from his father as Managing Director. However, John continued working for the company, focusing on sales and new product development. John is now enjoying his well-earned retirement. The GIARDINO own brand was born and has since grown into a household name in consumer gardening, especially because of its excellent value for money.

GARDEN TRADE INTERNATIONAL BVBA therefore rightly deserves its position as market leader in Belgium. As a result of the growth, which led to more material needing to be stored and a steadily growing workforce, the business outgrew the container-based offices and the 1600 m² warehouse and in August 2004, the administrative staff moved to an office building and the second warehouse, 3700 m² in size, was opened at the beginning of 2005. A third, and for now last, warehouse was added in 2010. 25 years on, the company has covered storage space of 11,000 m² and today’s 23-member Giardino team generates a turnover of EUR 12 million from sales within Belgium, to 8 other European countries and a number of countries outside Europe.

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