In 2009 we started consciously supporting charities and each year our employees are given the opportunity to choose a good cause.

Each year, every employee is allowed to donate an amount of 400 to a charity (based on the poverty line in 2015, as specified by the World Bank of $ 1;25 per day, given the then $ exchange rate).

A good cause is chosen by the employee, with the only provision that it must be outside the Western world and preferably support children or be for the purpose of educating the local population.

In the meantime, we support the following charities:

Doctors without Borders;

Cunina (where so far we have adopted several children and provide them with an education);



Mobile School;

Red Cross;

SOS Children’s Villages.

Giving feels good! Every year this is borne out by our Giardino team.

In addition, every year our employees reconsider their annual good cause, which means they make a conscious choice which increases a sense of involvement from our employees and management alike.

A small effort for us, but a gesture with a huge impact on the people in the world who can make good use of our commitment and who greatly appreciate it.

New customized van !
New customized van !


We have new Aqualex systems and a new water bottle. Read more.

New van + customized

The company Dery Decock Design customized our new van. Admire the result!

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