Our new Aqualex system makes that we always have fresh, filtered en cold water within easy reach.
We drink it out of a trendy, refillable, personalized water bottle that is easy to take by the little strap.
The water bottle does not contain BPA nor plasticizer, is dishwasher resistant, 100% leak-proof and we reduce our waste mountain of plastic bottles to zero.
GREEN, check!

Giardino goes green

Our brochures are printed on Stone paper 120 micron. Stone Paper is a new generation of paper and an excellent alternative to traditional paper. it’s tree-free paper that consists almost entirely out of minerals.
Look here for the technical specifications of Stone Paper. Read also the blog :

Giardino goes green

Environmental protection is a fundamental aim and we take our responsibility seriously. That is why we have chosen to use green energy for the production of our products and packaging and, being conscious of our energy consumption, we have moved to a digital version of our catalogue and documentation to replace paper versions. In short, in every process in our business and that of the companies that manufacture for us, we are constantly looking at how we can act with more awareness of the environment and, in so doing, reduce our ecological footprint.

Green energy

Solar panels were installed on our warehouses in 2010, which means we avoid considerable volumes of CO2 emissions every year. We have also chosen an energy supplier that undertakes to supply us with electricity that has, as far as possible, been generated by natural elements, such as solar and wind energy. Furthermore, with effect from the end of 2015, Giardino is using energy-efficient LED lighting in its warehouses, made by TriLED.


More sustainable developments start with working on sustainable products. Giardino always strives to optimise its production process and to reduce the number of steps in that production process. That automatically reduces our CO2 emissions and we avoid unnecessary waste of raw materials. Of course, the service life of a product is key. The service life of plastic coated Giardino products is longer than for galvanized products without plastic. Giardino has been investing for years in the factory that coats such products for us. The result of this investment is that only “green” coatings are used (without harmful or toxic components such as lead and cadmium). The state-of-the-art filter systems also ensure that emissions of vapours and gases are 100% compliant with prescribed environmental requirements. Furthermore, almost all our products can be recycled, which results in fewer waste materials.


All our steel products are produced from recycled material. The steel comes from steel processes that use recycled raw materials. This results in steel components containing between 15% and 80% recycled material, depending on the product.

Paper consumption

Think before you print! This is Giardino’s motto and when it is necessary to print, of course we only use FSC paper. We also use electronic documentation as far as possible, we keep our packaging to a minimum and we are members of VAL-I-PAC, Grüner Punkt etc.

Working environment

Giardino provides a stimulating working environment for all its employees. In order to support their professional and personal development, we offer them education, training and courses every year as well as refresher courses if they want. Extra effort is made to create a safe working environment with the goal of achieving an accident-free workplace, including by appointing an internal safety co-ordinator and by means of an annual plan, with the intention of being one of the top 50% of Belgian companies.

Other initiatives

Giardino’s vehicle fleet has registered CO2 emissions. Giardino encourages its staff to cycle to work, to car-share, to buy hybrid or electric cars and in future will install charging points on its site.


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